How to Hang Wallpaper/Lining Paper on the Ceiling Part 2

Now that you have made the choice to hang wallpaper from the ceiling, you are going to have to work through a few things in order to ensure that you are going to achieve a good, even and professionally done wallpaper job.

Step 1 – Remove Old Paint

The first step that you have to do, is to remove all of the paint that is on the existing space. If you don't get all of it, your wallpaper will not stick properly and you will have large sections of the wallpaper that won't stick to the ceiling. If you need to, take a razor blade to remove any of the pain that is really causing your problems. As well, take a piece of sandpaper to help you even out the ceiling.

Step 2 – Cover Your Lights

Once you have cleared everything out, and begun removing the paint, you need to cover up the lights that are in the ceiling. You need to take tape to cover up the lighting units. Be sure to remove the light bulbs inside before you tape them over. When you begin wallpapering the ceiling, take a moment to mark the points where the lights are, this way you know where to go back and cut out holes for the lights.

Step 3 – Measure and Cut

This step is only necessary if you haven't already done so. You are going to need to make all of your measurements and then cut the wallpaper to the proper lengths. Be sure to allow two extra inches all so that you have enough wallpaper that you can overlap into the walls. This will simply help to create the illusion that the wallpaper is one, seamless piece of paper and thus further increase the look of professionalism within the room.

Step 4 – Fold Your Wallpaper

If you are focusing on a wallpaper that has a pattern you may find that it is necessary to fold the paper in on itself in order to maintain the pattern. In order to this, you simply need to wet the backside of your wallpaper. Then, with the proper length already measured, you can fold the paper on itself. This will fuse the two sides of adhesive together. Take your smoothing blade to ensure that the wallpaper remains flat. Now you can line it up with the pieces that you already have hanging from the ceiling and allow the overlap to occur, now with the pattern blending seamlessly. As with before, take your smoothing blade or brush to remove the air bubbles from beneath the wallpaper. This will also remove and excess adhesive that is in existence.

Step 5 – A Few Tips

When you are working with your blades and brushes, don't be afraid to use force on the wallpaper. The wallpaper itself is fairly durable and you want to ensure that the wallpaper is stuck firmly to the ceiling. You can use a large squeegee to run along the full length of the wallpaper to simply help with this process.