How to Hang Waterfall Valances

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Curtain rod set
Step stool (optional)
Curtain panels (optional)

Waterfall valances are soft and light and can be enhancing to just about any décor. Beauty and refinement can be added to any window. The waterfall valance looks like a large water drop cascading down like a water fall. Waterfall valances can stand alone or compliment coordinating curtains. They have 3 or 4 flowing drapes, and are not hard to hang as long as you have the right curtain rods. The double rods are usually easier to hang and less expensive than just purchasing separate rods. Also, when using a step stool or ladder for this job, make sure you have someone hold the ladder in order to help prevent falling. To hang a waterfall valance, use the steps and tools below. 

Step 1 – Getting the Curtain Rods

You will need to purchase curtain rods for a layered effect. You can get 2 individual rods or either double rods for layering. If the rods are purchased separately, an outside rod with brackets to hang two rods will be needed. You may need a set of brackets that you can adjust if you cannot find a bracket that will hold 2 rods. The valance rods will need a clearance of about 6 inches.

Step 2 – Measuring the Location for the Brackets

Measure the bracket locations. For double rods, you will need the brackets 2 inches past the window trip and 4 inches over the window. Mark the areas with a pencil where the screws will be. Drill the pencil marked area just enough for the screw to set into the hole. For separate rods, you should measure the inner rod first and mount it first. 

Step 3 – Installing the Curtain Rods (Optional Curtain Panel Instruction)

Install the inside curtain rod or the double curtain rod. You may need a step stool or ladder to place the brackets in alignment with the pencil holes you made. Next, drill the screws into the holes all the way. Place the curtain panels on the rod and put the rod on the inside clips or in the bracket.

Step 4 – Measuring for the Valance Rod

If your valance rod is a separate rod in itself, the brackets will need to be placed about 2 inches past the inside rods. Mark this spot with a pencil and drill a starting hole for the screws. Once the bracket is in alignment with the holes, the screws can be drilled into the wall.

Step 5 – Hanging the Waterfall Valance

For the double curtain rod, hang the valance on the outer rod. You may need a step stool to click the rod into the outer attachment. For a separate valance rod, the valance will need to be hung on the rod. The rod (or pole) will then need to be set into the outside brackets.