How to Hide a Boiler

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Plywood sheets 6 x 6 feet
1 x 2 planks for corner bracing
Power drill
Table saw and jigsaw
2 sets of vertical hinges for doors
Screw fasteners with flat heads
Fine-grit sandpaper
Primer and paint to match decor

Whether you heat your home with a system or combination gas boiler, you will want to fit its main tank into your room decor. Create a clever concealing cabinetĀ for your boiler with these simple instructions and inexpensive materials.

Step 1: Measure the Boiler and Provide Ventilation Clearance

Measure all the dimensions of the boiler and add 12 inches for total ventilation clearance above all sides. Measure two doors for the front that will meet but not overlap, and cut them 1/4 inch shorter than the side panels. Cut the plywood sheets to make a freestanding cabinet to these dimensions. Saw the 1 x 2 planks to the height you will need for corners. Cut any allowances you need to make for pipes and vents.

Step 2: Cut Ventilation Holes in Doors and Panels

With the jigsaw, cut 2-inch square or round ventilation holes in the doors and side panels. They should be cut 2 inches up from the bottom and 2 inches in from each side. Make a double row at the bottom and top of the door in an attractive geometric design. Cut a single row at the top and bottom of the side and rear panels to provide adequate ventilation for the gas boiler.

Step 3: Assemble the Cabinet

Around the boiler, fasten the side and rear panels with screws to the 1x 2 planks so all the panels meet squarely at sides, top and bottom. Paint the top, and then attach it to the cabinet so it meets the front panels evenly. Attach the doors so they are 1/8 inch below the top and 1/8 inch above the bottom for smooth opening and closing.

Step 4: Paint the Cabinet

Sand the outside of the cabinet lightly with fine-grit sandpaper. Brush off any dust, then apply primer and paint in the color you chose. Avoid applying any other finishes such as tile or wallboard to the cabinet, as the boiler must be fully accessible for repairs.

Step 5: For a System Boiler

Only the main boiler unit of a system boiler needs to be concealed. The water tank will be installed in your airing cupboard elsewhere in the house ensuring you will have access to hot water and steady heat whenever you need them.

If you have any questions about building a concealing cabinet for your boiler, consult your municipal utility office. They can advise you on building and installing your cabinet so it provides the proper ventilation for your home's safety.