How to Hide a Flat Screen TV

Pointing a remote at a wall-mounted flat screen TV
  • 1-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-100

While a flat screen TV makes watching shows more enjoyable, the large dull black screen can be disconcerting when the TV is off. Here are some imaginative ways to conceal your flat screen TV when it is not in use.

Make it a Mirror

A technology called beam splitting allows the TV screen to function normally when the TV is on but turns the screen face into a mirror when you turn it off. You can find this TV mirror frame at specialized retailers. If your TV screen is already mounted in a decorative frame, you can order a di-electric mirror separately.

Make it Art

socks of people snuggled up watching TV

Run a continuous-loop DVD on your TV to show artwork masterpieces when the TV is not running. Choose from Claude Monet, Thomas Kinkade, or a collection of famous photos, alternating with paintings.

Hide it

Conceal your big flat screen TV in a bedroom or living room armoire. Attach it to a lift and slide it down behind a faux fireplace, or even slip it flat under your bed. Attach a solid wood bookcase onto a rotating platform and hang the TV screen from the back. Whenever you need to watch TV, you can turn it around to watch your favorite show.