How to Hide a Radiator

What You'll Need
Oriental screen
Metallic art
Wooden Box

The radiator is a necessity in many homes without a central air unit. This does not mean you have to be stuck looking at the radiator in order to be comfortable. Many different solutions have emerged by those looking to hide that which is necessary in their home.

Step 1 – Use a Screen

In order to conceal the radiator while still being able to use it, you can use a decorative screen. This will go right in front of the radiator and will add a nice decorative piece to your room.

Step 2 – Use Metallic Art

Large pieces of metallic art can be useful in hiding the radiator. Make sure they are large enough to completely conceal the radiator, or it will look like clutter instead. Make sure the art does not ever touch the actual piece of art.

Step 3 – Cover it Up

When not using the radiator, you can cover it up with a wooden box. The  box can be decorated any way you want it to be. The added benefit of the box is it gives you a great place to store extra pieces of art.