How to Hide Curtain Clip Rings

For those of you who do not want to have your curtain clip rings showing when you install your new curtains, there are a variety of ways that you can accomplish this. You simply need to let your creative mind guide the way.

Create your Own Clips
Why not try to get a little bit crafty and create your own curtain clips so you can show them off, rather than hid them away? Most people do not realize what a few faux flowers can do for a curtain clip. All it will take is some hot glue and an hour or two of your time. Once they are all dry, you can hang up and enjoy your curtains!

Use another Curtain

If you are using drapes and you really just want something simple, look into installing a smaller curtain over the drapes. This will allow you to mix and match curtains as well getting the curtain rings out of site. These are easy to install once you install the first set of drapes.

Disguise your Clips

Depending on the color of your curtains, you can easily get the same color shade of clip rings. This will allow you to hang up your curtains and not have to worry about hiding your curtain rings.