How to Hide Undermount Deck Brackets

What You'll Need
Wooden planks or boards
Hand saw or power saw
Nail set
Paint or stain
Tape measure
Sand paper
A pair of working gloves

Deck brackets are important additions in your homes and they are mostly found in outdoor decks particularly the patio with an outdoor Jacuzzi. Moreover, there are different types of deck brackets and one type of deck bracket that is useful in the outdoor deck is the undermount deck bracket. Undermount deck brackets are deck brackets that are installed on top of the deck to hold it firmly in place. This particular structure is made from wooden joists, bearers and post support in order to be able to give full support to the deck that will be installed on top of it. Unfortunately, when some contractors build a deck, part of the undermount deck bracket are still seen especially if you look down from the deck. Now this poses a lot of problems especially if you have kids and pets in your home the fact that they can hide inside the bracket and may hurt themselves. Moreover, pests like snakes and rats may also consider this place as their dwelling place thus it is important that you hide the deck brackets and seal it off just for precaution.

Step 1 - Make a Trench around Your Deck

Using a shovel, make a trench around your deck since this is where you are going to slide the wooden boards firmly in place to close the entire undermount deck bracket. Ask a help from a family member for this task.

Step 2 - Measure the Length of the Deck and Cut the Wooden Planks

Use a tape measure and cut the wooden planks according to the length of the deck. Before cut the wooden boards, make sure that you wear a pair of working gloves to protect your fingers. Use a hand saw to cut through the wooden planks before installing them at the side of the deck.

Step 3 - Create Posts at the Side Of The Deck

Prior to the installation of the wooden boards, create posts at the side of the deck. These posts will be used to support the wooden boards later that will close off the entire lower deck.

Step 4 - Install the Wooden Boards

Drive a nail using a hammer to the wooden boards and make sure that you drive the nails on the part where you have installed the wooden posts along the side of the deck. Ask a family member to hold the other side of the board while you are working. You can also use a nail set to drive the nail head and create a smooth finish to the deck.

Step 5 - Apply Paint

Before applying paint, make sure that you sand the surface of the undermount deck bracket to create a smooth surface. Use a stain or paint of your choice and apply it using a fine paint brush on the wooden board to finish off its look.