How to Hook Up an RV Power Outlet

power outlet

When hooking up an RV power outlet, please follow safety guidelines for handling electrical systems.

Parts of an RV power outlet

To ensure the proper hooking up of your RV power outlet, make sure all required parts and accessories are already prepared. Essential RV power outlet electrical parts include adapters for maximum power input and output, extension power cords, hatches, inverters, isolators, male/female plugs, receptacles/outlets, RV circuit breakers/fuses, RV converters, RV power outlets, RV surge protectors and switches.

Checking the Polarity

You can use an open circuit tester, a polarity tester or a ground tester to check the polarity before you plug in your RV power outlet. Your electrical system and its components, such as other appliances, can sustain damages from reverse polarity. Before plugging in the RV power outlet, make sure that you have turned off the campground post circuit breaker. Various safety hazards may occur if the post circuit breaker has been plugged into the RV power outlet while turned on.


The campground post electrical outlet must also be checked prior to plugging in your RV. For this function, an electrical tester would be the most appropriate instrument. This would also be beneficial to minimize errors in turning off electrical power and in identifying circuit breakers.