How to Host a Fabulous Oscar Party

A movie reel and an Oscar award envelope against a red background.

Hosting a fabulous Oscar party will take a bit of planning, but most of the work lies within the small details and touches you choose. Planning decorations, food, drinks, and activities can be so much fun when you’re doing it all yourself. Create an ambiance of glamour and fame in your home for friends to enjoy this prestigious film occasion with you.


Start the occasion off by inviting your friends in the formal, old-school way. Get some invitations that look like movie theater passes, Oscar award nomination cards, or awards, which are available online and in specialty printing and party stores. Use the colors of black, gold, white, and silver to keep with the formal theme, and order them with printed messages or print on them at home on your printer. Many personalized printed invitations can be ordered with rushed shipping if you need them more quickly. Be sure to mention that the party will require attendees to dress in their finest clothes, as if they were really attending the Oscars.


A movie reel with popcorn against a rustic wood background.

Turn your home into a glamorous place that honors the Oscars and has the feel that you and your friends are part of the Oscars, rather than just watching them on television. Stick with the theme of those formal basic colors of black, white, gold, and silver—but add some super pizazz and a splash of color with bright red here and there, if you’d like. Use movie popcorn containers to hold candy, snacks, and food, as well as clear plastic or glass bowls. Create large and small cut-outs of Oscar men that look just like the awards, and scatter them throughout the party area. White Christmas lights and rope lights can be used to outline signs that say “Oscar Party” or “Welcome to the Oscars.” Create mood lighting with white candles, lanterns, or lights that give off a soft glow rather than harsh, bright light. Movie memorabilia is a must-have, from printed pictures of older black-and-white classics to more modern day prints, toys, figurines, or even pieces of old strips of film.

Serve fancy drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Sparkling ciders, tonic water infused with fruit, and effervescent mineral water are bubbly, non-alcoholic choices that can be served in champagne glasses for fancy folks who don’t want to consume alcohol. Champagne is delightful for sipping as well as toasts, especially for the announcement of the most prestigious awards, such as “Best Picture.” Other drinks can be chosen according to your guests' favorites, so be sure to ask a few what they prefer to drink ahead of time.


A selection of party food including meat platters and olives.

Finger food is a must-have for an Oscar party, so that friends can munch all night long. Have a variety of finger foods that aren’t too messy and can be placed out all night long. Try items such as cheese, cracker, and fruit trays. Deviled eggs, bruschetta topped with garlic and tomatoes, sushi rolls, cucumber sandwiches, and turkey and cheese-roll-ups are a good place to start.

Party Activities

Keep the party rolling all night with games and activities that will keep attendees engaged during slow parts of the show and longer commercial breaks.

Run a contest or raffle for the person who guesses the most Oscar winners correctly. Create a survey game card that has your friends choose who they think will win in specific categories. The person or people with the highest number of correct answers at the end of the night win the prize. Movie tickets or a DVD set would make appropriate prizes.

A couple of people posing for a photo booth photo at a party.

Other fun activities such as a photo booth with a digital camera and costume supplies will keep the party fun going all night long. Offer to email friends their pictures in the future if you want to set this area up yourself. Otherwise, you can never go wrong with movie trivia games, especially ones that are movie-based where people join up in teams.