How to Identify Termite Droppings

Finding termite droppings in your home can be devastating. Termites are very small, making them difficult to detect. They can infiltrate your home and eat away at your wood surfaces and underpinnings. The damage that termites do can create safety hazards in your home, for instance, causing a floor to buckle that can cause injuries to you and your guests. Therefore, identifying and killing termites quickly is the only way of keeping your home's foundation safe.

The Warning Signs

  • Usually, the first tell tale sign of termites is worm-like track marks that run up on walls and wood furniture. Termites are extremely attracted to damp wood. Repairing leaks and sealing basements can aid in the prevention of termites.
  • Noticing sawdust like piles forming near wood surfaces is another sign that termites have started to feast on your home. It can also be sign of termite droppings known as frass.
  • Finally, if you notice that your ceiling or floor is starting to sag, that too can be a sign that termites have invaded your home. Once it gets to this point, a professional will more than likely have to come in to remedy the problem.