How to Improve a Wireless Network Router Antenna

Improving a wireless network router efficiency can be done in multiple ways. Always check the wireless network's router antenna for any kind of damage that could be tampering with the router's performance. The best thing to do if your antenna is broken is to replace the antenna with a new one. The parts needed to repair a broken one far outweighs the cost of purchasing a new antenna. Maximizing wireless performance can be done with a few simple steps that are not hard, and shouldn't cost you a thing. Anything in a household is able to inhibit or even completely block out a wireless signal. Dust on the antenna, or being in a poorly cleaned part of the room can also affect the router's signal.

Location, Location, Location.

Location is very important for you to maximize router efficiency, or for it to send out its wireless network signals. If you put a router all the way on the other side of the house from your computer, then expect to get a lower wireless signal simply because the microwave is in the way. Where the router needs to be, is as close to the computer as possible, and not cluttered up with other appliances that send signals. Other signaling appliances can scramble the wireless signal from your router, and block your wireless signal.

Check for Updates

Sometimes, if your router isn't connecting correctly, it is because it is missing a very important update. Updates keep the routers up to date with the current technology so it doesn't get left behind and ruin your connection.

Replacing Non Working Materials

Replacing anything off the router that is preventing the connection would be priority number one. Some things can fixed by you, but most of the items that are removable from a wireless router are just better off being replaced to minimize damage to the router. If the router is working fine, then check your wireless card for a laptop or a wireless adapter for a desktop. These could be the problem; if they are old, they can stop receiving signals, and need to be fixed or replaced. Wireless adapters are also another thing that would be easier to replace than to buy parts for. Antennas send out the signals that run your Internet. These are typically the problem because they are so easily damaged. Antennas like the wireless adapters are best to replace, rather than trying to fix.

Upgrading Your Hardware

If your router antenna or adapter is old, you could possibly add to it, and make it good as new. Antennas have a lot of different types of signals coming out of them, depending on the antenna itself. Some signals shoot the signal out in a circle around the router, while others need to be pointed straight at the computer to receive the signal. Upgrading your antenna can be beneficial and easy way to go. With routers and adapters you can not upgrade too much; the best thing to do with them is just to buy them from the same supplier to prevent hardware incompatibility.