How to Improve Your Curb Appeal in a Day

The curb appeal of your home is important for a variety of reasons. Not only is it the first impression of your home, but curb appeal allows you to take pride in where you live. Sometimes, the idea of sprucing up the outside of your home may seem like an intimidating task that leaves you unsure of where to start. Luckily, below you can find a round-up of small projects that leave a big impact. Find DIY ideas that improve your curb appeal in just a day so that you can spruce up the outside of your home with ease.

Add Some Flair to Your Front Door

Whether you paint your front door a bold new hue or adorn it with a snazzy door knocker, this is a simple and quick way to increase your home’s level of curb appeal. Also be sure to clean off any dirty spots on your door and polish hardware to ensure your door looks its best. You can also add a seasonal wreath to the door to give it even more flair.

Install Window Boxes

Window boxes add a large impact to the outside of your home. The best part? Window boxes are a fast and easy way to add a pop of color along with some charm to the landscaping of your yard. Simply decide on the size of the window boxes you will need and then decide whether you want those made of copper, iron, or painted wood. Hang them and choose your favorite flowers, planting them inside your boxes. The outside of your home will look transformed from this simple change.

Cover Up Dead Lawn Spots

Especially if you have trees in your lawn, your lawn may be prone to dead spots that are unsightly. A quick and easy project that will improve your curb appeal is to cover these dead spots, giving your yard an instant facelift. To do so, simply spread mulch around the tree base, covering the entirety of the dead spot. You may choose to plant flowers and shrubs that thrive in shady areas around the tree, too, which also provides an updated and pleasing look.

Groom Your Yard

Lush greenery is always beautiful, but you want to ensure that people can see your yard from the road in all its curb appeal glory. Take the day to trim back bushes, trees, and shrubs to give your home a more open and airy feel. Doing so not only opens up the space, but it also has an effect on the amount of sunlight your home and yard receives. Use a hedge trimmer or chainsaw to trim back branches and leaves, eliminating anything touching your house or covering a window.

Swap Out Porch Lighting

Updated light fixtures next to your front door can make a world of difference in the aesthetic of the front of your home. This is a simple project that you can do on a budget, too, making it even better. If you don’t want to totally replace your fixtures, put some glass cleaner to good use and enlist in the help of some spray paint to upgrade what you already have for a new-and-improved look.

Camouflage Electrical Boxes

Although a necessity, electrical boxes aren’t the most attractive feature surrounding your home. To make these less of an eyesore, paint them the same color as your home in order to camouflage them. With just a bit of work, it’ll be like they aren’t even there.

Hide or Stow Your Hose

Another slightly unattractive home feature that exists within your landscaping is your garden hose. These tend to get tangled or just sit like a blob in the middle of your landscaping or grass. Rather than leave your hose out in the open, find an attractive pot or bucket - such as a copper one, with a lid - to stow your hose in. Alternatively, keep your hose neat and tidy by creating a hanging post out of wood and paint, mounting it in your yard and coiling your hose and hanging it there. This is a small detail that will make a difference in your yard.

Install a Porch Swing

Nothing makes your home more inviting than a quaint porch swing. These are easy to install as you can easily hang them from a porch. Top this adornment off with some outdoor throw pillows and your home will seem instantly more cozy, even from the outside.

Improving your curb appeal is as easy as completing even just a few of these easy — and fun — projects. These small improvements can completely change the look of your home from the outside, making it the envy of all of your neighbors and instilling a one-of-a-kind sense of pride.