How to Improvise a Suction Style Car Dent Puller

  • 2-6 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100-300
What You'll Need
3 suction cups; 2 by 4 inch, 1 by 6 inch diameter
Flat U-shaped bar, 2 inches wide with 3 inch long leg ends
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Plastic scraper
Ice cubes or solid cold pack
Air compressor, convertible to vacuum pump
Measuring tape and marker
Utility knife
Hole saw for metal
An assistant

Save money and time by improvising your own suction-style car dent puller from readily available materials and equipment. A vacuum pump car dent puller works just as effectively as the one at the body shop. The other advantage of this car dent puller is that you do not have to get glue, which can damage the paint, on your vehicle. Follow the directions below to create your own suction-type car dent puller.

Step 1 - Convert the Air Compressor to a Vacuum Pump

Follow the directions on the air compressor to switch it from an air compressor to a vacuum pump.

Step 2 - Prepare Your Dent Puller Equipment

Attach the 2 small suction cups to the 2 legs of the U-shaped bar with hot glue. Use the hole saw to cut a hole in the center of the bar 1/16 inch larger than the diameter of the air compressor hose. Cut a precise hole in the bottom of the large suction cup that fits over the compressor hose. Attach the suction cup to the vacuum pump hose with hot glue. You will be able to remove it later without damaging the hose.

Step 3 - Prepare the Vehicle for Dent Removal

Make sure the spot with the dent is free of paint flakes, rust, and dirt, so the dent puller can get the most effective grip. Move the vacuum pump close to the vehicle.

Step 4 - Pull Out the Dent

Place the dent puller on the dent, with the large suction cup over the middle of the dent you want to remove. Turn on the vacuum pump to its lowest setting and hold the dent puller bar firmly in place. If this setting is not strong enough, have your assistant increase the strength of the vacuum pull on the pump until the dent pops out.

Step 5 - Inspect the Dented Area

Occasionally while pulling out one dent you can create other small ones. Check the area where you pulled out the dent. If other small ripple dents have appeared around it, use the dent puller to pull them out as well.

Step 6 - If You Don't Have an Air Compressor

To use the dent puller without an air compressor/vacuum pump, attach the center suction cup to the U-shaped bar with a 2 inch bolt and wing nut assembly. Be sure to place the bolt cap inside the suction cup base. Put hot glue around the edge of the large suction cup and press it onto the dent. Turn the wing nut to tighten the connection of the suction cup. The dent should pull up after a few twists of the nut. Use the plastic scraper to remove the hot glue residue from the vehicle surface. Ice the glue spots with a solid cold pack or ice cubes to make them easier to lift off.