How to Incorporate Vintage Pieces in Your Space

A vintage cabinet set.

Even in the most modern of homes, there is still room for some vintage flair. Not only do vintage pieces nicely complement a range of today’s decor trends, but they are also a great way to incorporate a bit of history into your space. Below, learn about what pieces are considered vintage and how to seamlessly add them to your space.

What Does it Mean to Be Vintage?

A vintage room.

You may be wondering just how old something has to be to be considered vintage. The answer to that is actually quite simple. To be considered vintage, a general rule of thumb is that the item must be at least 20 years old. This can be virtually anything from furniture to clothing to toys to home decor. Items that are 100 years old or more are considered antique. It’s as simple as that.

Adding Vintage Pieces to Your Space Seamlessly

Now comes the fun part: adding vintage pieces to your space without a hitch. The idea is to integrate these pieces into your home and make it look as if they’re meant to be there. To do this, find pieces that complement the style and vibe of your space.

Styling Vintage Furniture

A vintage red armchair.

Vintage furniture is a great choice for any home for a variety of reasons. First of all, you may be able to find some pieces at a steal at flea markets, vintage shows, or even garage and estate sales. These pieces are also likely to have a ton of character and charm. To do this successfully, choose just one or two key pieces to add to any given room. Consider a vintage dining table or a vintage armchair for a living room. Then, ensure that the chosen pieces match the color scheme and the overall vibe of the room it will reside in. If you choose a piece with a loud or bold pattern, make that the focal point of the room. Then choose linens, accent colors, and perhaps even paint colors that go well with that unique vintage find.

Find Seasonal Pieces

Another fun and special way to incorporate vintage pieces into your space is to make it a seasonal affair. Vintage shops love to showcase seasonal decorations. From the iconic light-up porcelain Christmas trees to vintage Halloween postcards that can be framed and hung to celebrate the season, these carefully curated mementos will become treasured pieces that you can take out year after year to decorate with and to enjoy. Other vintage accents that work well seasonally and are easy to find are Christmas ornaments, figurines, and dinnerware and accessories.

Make it Something Small

Vintage glasses.

Another way to incorporate vintage into your space is to choose small accents or pieces that are easier to gel with a more modern home. One fun way to do this is to add vintage glassware into your collection. Cocktail glasses in vintage designs and styles are plentiful at vintage shows or shops, and they’re not short on style, either. These are the perfect complement to an elegantly styled bar cart. Similarly, vintage mismatched dinnerware can make for great conversation pieces and a beautifully set table. These are also fun to curate over time. Another small yet stylish vintage addition comes in the form of decor accents such as brass statues. These are easy to find and fun to place on bookshelves, end tables, or anywhere else in your home that requires decorating. Remember as you peruse vintage sales: even the smallest items can make a big difference in the decor of your home.

Incorporating a little piece of history, whether it’s a piece that contributed to a long-ago home decor trend or something timeless, is a fun way to add more character and meaning to your home. Use these tips to add a sense of vintage flair and enjoy the hunt for your perfect accent.