How to Incorporate Western Home Decor

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Western home decor is an earthy and comfortable style of home decoration. It is associated with the traditions of the south, nature, desert and native American pieces. Modern families can utilize western home decor in rooms which need a little bit of comfort and warmth, such as family rooms, bedrooms or entertainment areas. Utilizing Western home decor into a modern furnishing scheme adds a touch of personality to what otherwise could be a rather plain and unappealing room.

Color Scheme

The color scheme for Western home decor emphasizes light colors, and focuses particularly on pastels and other soft colors that are found in nature. Dark colors are used infrequently. Rather than painting an entire room white, try a cream, or antique white color. Other colors on the Western home decor palette would be sun washed greens, blues and yellows. If a room needs a bit of sparkle, try adding in a few colors from the red color palette.


The ideal floor for a Western home decor room is wood. Strip the floor back to its original flooring, if you have wood floors. Otherwise you can lay down a laminate flooring for the same look. The best floors are the ones without the glossy finish. Put rugs above these floors for a Western home decor appearance. Pictures of the desert and woodlands, cattle or horses can all help to give the room a feeling of the West. You can also add wall paper with flower patterns or if you are feeling very artistic, paint a picture of landscape along an accent wall.

western style bedroom with log walls, wooden bed, and stone fireplace

When buying furniture, look for items that are made of wood. The pieces should be substantial, with a rustic appearance. Cabinets, dressers and tables should appear to be large. You could add a distressed faux finish to some newer pieces if you don't wish to change all of the furniture. Add coats of blue or green, and then a thinner wash of white before sanding the top coat away to create a look of wear and tear. You should also add open shelving to available areas, and place rustic elements to highlight the piece.


Perhaps the best way to give your home some traditional Western home decor charm is to add accessories which fit well into the theme. A few subtle additions such as cowboy hats, Native American designs, animal pattern rugs, horseshoes and leather or ceramic hardware are all good ways to give a home the feel of the old West. You could also add family photographs, or old photographs bought on the internet, set in wood frames, old heirlooms such as gold lockets and other rustic items.

A cowhide rug, iron pans and pots, tiles, and gingham check dish cloths all help enhance a kitchen decor. Bedrooms can be decorated in similar style with the rug, old country quilts and a rustic bedstead. You can also add paintings of the old West, or old country scenes.