How to Increase Boat Trailer Tire Carrying Capacity

What You'll Need
Tire iron
Leaf spring
Socket set

A boat trailer tire is rated to a certain weight capacity. Using a boat trailer tire that is inadequate, can cause the trailer to hit bottom. The following article will explain how to increase the carrying capacity of a boat trailer tire, so that this does not happen.

Step 1 – Remove the Tires

A boat trailer tire is installed like any other tire. Jack the boat trailer up, and then use the lug wrench to remove the bolts on the tire. Once they are removed, you can then remove the tire. Repeat with each tire on the trailer.

Step 2 – Remove Leaf Springs

The axel of the trailer is attached to the leaf springs, which act as shock absorbers. Use the ratchet to remove the U-bolts holding the springs in place. You can then remove the springs.

Step 3 – Install Leaf Springs and Tires

Choose stiffer leaf springs than the current ones. You will also want to select a boat trailer tire with a higher weight capacity rating. Slide the new springs in place and replace the bolts. Tighten each by hand and then finish with the wrench. Slide the tires in place, and then replace the lug nuts. Tighten each nut in a star pattern.