How to Install a Balcony Railing

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  • 8-16 hours
  • Advanced
  • 300-800
What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Circular saw
Bolts and nuts

If you are installing a balcony railing for the first time you will want to make sure that you take extra precautions. It is a little more on the difficult side, however, it is possible for anyone to do. Here are a few tools and steps that you can take to get the job done with ease.

Step 1 - Decide What materials You Will Need

This part is definitely the hardest part of the whole building process for the railing. You will need to determine how many balusters you will need as well as where they will be placed. To do this you will need to measure the amount of space in between the 2 endpoints or where the posts will be. You will also need to find railing balusters to your liking and measure how wide they are. Next, you want to decide how far apart you are going to want them to be. When you determine each of these figures you can add the width of the baluster together with space between to get a number. Then divide the length between the two posts or the total length of the railing by that number and it will tell you how many balusters you will need and you can purchase them.

Step 2 - Notch Railing Posts

Using the measuring tape you can measure a distance that is to the joist, but minus 1/2 inch. Then mark this spot. Use a saw to make several cuts or slashes close to each other about half an inch deep then use a chisel and hammer to get in there to clean out the notch. Now you can cut a 45-degree bevel on the bottom outside of the post. Then you will need to put the post against the joist and drill two holes through both of them. Then you can put the bolts through and secure them on the other end. Do this at each end for both of the posts.

Step 3 - Cut Balusters and Install

Now you can either use the balusters that you bought, which is often what people choose to do so that they can have intricate designs. If you need to cut them down at all when it comes to the height of your railing you can use the circular saw. Now you can put in both the top and bottom rail where you measured and screw in from the bottom of the balcony. You will want to consider using a spacer so that you know how far apart you will want the balusters to be. Continue to install each baluster and measure the next one to the middle as you are moving through.

Now that you have installed your railing you can clean up the area and make sure that it is sturdy. Tighten any screws or nuts and bolts that may be loose.