How to Install a Basketball Hoop (on a Pole)

playing basketball
  • 5-10 hours
  • Advanced
  • 100-300
What You'll Need
Cement for footing
Pole (about 10 feet)
Basketball hoop regulation (48-72")
What You'll Need
Cement for footing
Pole (about 10 feet)
Basketball hoop regulation (48-72")

When planning outdoor activities with friends and family, playing basketball is one of the best team sports you can play at home. Whether you're running around and breaking a sweat or simply watching others throw around the ball, having a basketball hoop installed by your driveway can bring family and friends together all summer long. Now, all you need to do is install the actual basketball hoop.

This is a simple project to plan, but it can be difficult to complete by yourself. Ask someone to assist you, as you can have problems for years to come if it is installed incorrectly. Find someone with a set of helping hands, and get ready to shoot some hoops.

Step 1 - Gather What You Need and Plan

The most important thing that you will need is the pole. Most regulation basketball hoops are around 10 feet tall, so you should try to find one close to that height. Alternatively, you can get one that is collapsible for those with shorter reaches. However, collapsible poles come with their own set of issues, so for this guide, I am focusing on installing a standard 10-foot pole.

You will also need cement. This is to make sure that the pole will stay in place for years to come after installed. Make sure you have a leveler so that you install the pole straight without any leaning. You'll need a shovel to dig the hole in which you will install the pole for your basketball hoop.

As you proceed, you will need someone to dig the hole, someone to hold the pole while the concrete is poured, and someone to help you assemble the basketball hoop and mount it. Keep all of this in mind before you start this project. Doing it alone is pretty much impossible, so make sure you have one or two people available to help you.

Step 2 - Choose a Location

Where you put the basketball hoop is important. You want the hoop to be far enough away from windows and cars that you aren't likely to have many accidents. Most regulation basketball courts are 50x94 feet.

If you don’t have enough room for that, that’s fine, most people just make sure they have enough room for the 3 point line, which is 23 feet 9 inches from the rim. You also ideally want the area to be 12 feet wide so that players have ample space. Find a place around your home where those dimensions would work best. After you’ve found the best place around your home the work can begin.

Step 3 - Dig a Hole

After you have found your perfect spot for the hoop, dig a hole deep enough and wide enough for the pole to fit into snugly. The hole should be rectangular in shape, not round, and at least 1 foot deep in most cases. If you bought a basketball kit that includes the hoop as well as the pole, the directions should indicate how deep and wide the hole should be.

Step 4 - Attach the Backboard

Make sure that the backboard is centered and screwed into the pole properly. Check that all bolts are tightened and strong. The backboard, even with the best players on the court, is going to take a lot of abuse. Whatever you can do to ensure its stability is always encouraged.

Once the backboard is secure, you can mount the hoop as well — unless you've purchased a combination unit, in which case you're ready for the hard part.

Step 5 - Place the Pole and Pour the Concrete

This is the quickest moving and most important step, so make sure everything is in place and ready to go when you start this step.

The pole is going to be quite heavy. Make sure you have enough hands to hold it steady. Once the pole goes into the ground, make sure that it is level.

Hold the pole as still as you can, then have someone pour concrete into the hole. A basic concrete mix will work just fine, and you can find these mixes at most local hardware stores. Pour the concrete and wait for it to harden. Make sure the pole stands still until the concrete hardens.

Most people use sawhorses to keep the pole in place as the concrete hardens. You still need to watch the pole's levels while the concrete hardens, as the curing process can throw the pole off balance. Keep checking on the project, only adjusting the pole if it has gone out of balance. The concrete should completely solidify in a few hours, but we recommend a full 24 hours after pouring the mix before you use the hoop.

Step 6 - Paint the Basketball Court (Optional)

Setting up a basketball court, even half of one is a great addition to any home. If you're ambitious, you can paint the area to resemble a court (or half-court more likely). Focus on the three-point line, which is the shot most players like to practice regularly.