How to Install a Bathroom Light Fixture

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  • 3-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-250
What You'll Need
New fixture
Wall anchors
Wire cutters
Light bulb

Installing a bathroom light fixture involves electrical work; however, it is not very difficult. The average do-it-yourselfer can remove an old fixture and install a new one in a few hours. Selecting the new fixture may be the most difficult part. There are thousands of choices available; each gives your bathroom a distinct feel. Consider the current design of the bathroom before choosing your life fixture.

Step 1 - Turn Off the Power

Cut the power to the bathroom at the breaker box. If you live in an older home, you may have to determine which fuse powers the bathroom. You can now remove the old light fixture.

Step 2 - Set the New Mounting Bracket

Determine the placement of the new fixture. If the fixture is similar in size and shape to the old one, you won’t have any issues. If it is quite different, you may have to fill some screw holes and touch-up some paint.

Use wall anchors to add an extra level of security to your new light fixture. Drill the anchors in place and push the wires through the hole in the bracket. Set the bracket flush on the wall and screw it into place.

Step 3 - Connect the Wires

Now connect the wires. Using your wire cutters, clip the ends of the wires and cut back 1/3-inch of insulation. Connect the two black wires and the two white wires. Place a wire cap on the end of both the black and white wire connection and wrap each cap in black electrical tape.

This is the same procedure you should follow if you are working with a ceiling fixture, however, you will also have to deal with a ground wire. Most times the light fixture will come with a green wire attached. This wire connects to the ground wire.

Sometimes the fixture has a green screw. Wrap the ground wire around this green screw. If you are connecting a wire to the ground wire, add a wire cap and wrap it in electrical tape. If you have a ceiling fixture, stuff the wires into the ceiling before hanging the fixture.

Step 4 - Attach the Face of the Fixture

Attach the face of the fixture to the mounting bracket. The hardware will be provided with your new light fixture. Once the fixture is secured to the wall, add light bulbs and shades.

Use bulbs that fit within the guidelines of the fixture. The fixture will be clearly marked with the maximum wattage it can handle.

Step 5 - Check the Fixture

Turn the power back on and check to see if the fixture works. You shouldn’t have any problems.