How to Install a Blowoff Valve

Installing an after-market blowoff valve is a great project if you want to improve your throttle response and hold higher boost levels in your car. These valves provide you with an added cool factor because they give you that “pssssht” sound when shifting or revving. Also, when you pop the hood, they just look cool. If you do not want to upgrade, a replacement may still be in order. Without the valve, you put unnecessary stress on your turbo-charged engine components because the air is forced back into the compression wheel. This can cause your turbo to fail on you. Instead, just follow these steps and you will have your new and improved blowoff valve.

Tools and Materials

  • Blowoff valve
  • Pliers
  • 3/8-inch socket wrench with your socket set or a screwdriver
  • Your vehicle’s owner’s manual

Step 1: Remove Your Car Battery

You will need to remove your care battery for easy access to the recirculating valve. Electricity runs through your car battery so you must use extra caution with this step. Do not use any metal tools and remove your rings before you begin. After you have opened and secured your hood, disconnect the negative cable from your battery terminal. Then disconnect the positive cable. Now you can remove the battery and set it out of the way.

Step 2: Find and Remove Factory Recirculating Valve

If you are unsure where to find your recirculating valve, refer to your owner's manual. This valve moves intake air to the exhaust. You should see two hoses connected to the vacuum lines. These lines are connected to the throttle body after the intake. That vacuum pressure operates the blowoff valve. Once you have located the valve and hoses, use your wrench or screwdriver to remove the screw bolts from the hose clamps. You will need patience because you will be working in a tight space and the screws may be hard to reach.

Next, slide the clamps out of your way and pry the vacuum lines off. You will need a screwdriver and caution because they are on tight and pulling will likely cause damage.

Step 3: Install New Blowoff Valve

Now, install your new valve. This is the easy part. All you have to do is reverse the removal process you just completed. Install hoses by putting them securely in the vacuum lines, slide the clamps back into their proper place and tighten the screw bolts with your screwdriver or wrench.

Step 4: Put Your Batter Back

Now that your new blowoff valve is securely in its place, put the battery back where it belongs. Reconnect the battery cables, positive first, and then negative. Close the hood and you are all done.

This upgrade or replacement takes almost no time and is very simple. With this easy project, you make your car run better and you make it look better. Whether it is a commuter car or a prizewinner at the local car shows, the choice to do this project yourself is easy. In fact, the hardest part may be deciding which new blowoff valve to install.