How to Install a Bow Window Curtain Rod

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Curtain rod
Pencil (to mark the spots/points)

A bow window curtain, as the name suggests, is a curtain installed on a curvy/circular window that juts out from the wall of a building in a semi circle shape. It could be a big curve window, or could be three distinct round windows on three separate but concurrent walls. Such windows take up a large space, and it is quite a task to fit a curtain rod in a bow window.

Step 1 – Measuring Bow Windows

You should first measure the bow windows. If you have a round wall with the windows you would measure the full curve with the measuring tape. If you have three separate walls you will measure them separately. Make sure to measure the walls in a straight line. You can mark the points with the pencil, but don’t mark over the wood stud. Use small finials at the ends of the center curtain rods. Install curtain rod in layers if you want to use large finials. Middle rod should be kept higher than the other curtain rods.

Step 2 – Adding to Measurements Taken

If you have short windows add four inches to their measurement, and if you have large windows add ten inches to their measurement. This is needed for the projection of the rods for each window.

Step 3 – Purchasing the Right Kind of Rod

You would purchase three separate curtain rods if you have three separate curvy-shaped bow windows. If you have a one big round window, buy a circular curtain rod specifically designed for such kinds of windows. The wrought iron rods are the custom curved bow window curtain rods. Mostly, curtain rods that are available at the hardware shop are of the typical colors like black and white. If you have low budget, you can choose a curtain rod set of three standard rods. You need to put one rod above each window casement. Make sure to buy a curtain rod that would fit and go with the room and curtains.

Step 4 – Placing the Brackets

A set of common curtain rods is made up of two parts: brackets and actual rod. The brackets are placed into the wall, and then the rod is attached to the brackets. You may use a long rod, which would support the design of the brackets. The next step is to choose where to put up your brackets. If you put them high on the wall, your room will give the illusion of a very large space. Generally, you put your bracket 4 inches above the window frame and 2-4 inches away from the sides of the frame. Next is to drill on the marked points that have already been made. You have to be careful while drilling, to avoid the amount of dust that comes out during this process. After drilling, put the anchors into the points, and make sure to hold the screws in place.

Step 5 – Installing Curtain Rods

Now place your curtain rod brackets according to the measurement, and make sure that they are secure enough to hold. Then place the rod and install curtains on the rods. If you don’t have the curtain rod with the rings, you should put your curtains on the rod before the installation of the rods in the brackets. Otherwise, you may put them later.