How to Install a Car Map Light

What You'll Need
Map light kit

A car map light will provide just enough light for a passenger to safely look at a map or directions without distracting the driver. If you don't like the placement of yours, or you don't have one, they can be installed easily. The process may vary slightly based on the make and model of your car, but these are general directions.

Step 1 - Disconnect Battery

You don't want any live connections while you are working with electrical components, so be sure to disconnect the battery entirely.

Step 2 - Remove Current Map Light

If you already have a map light and are just replacing it, go ahead and remove the assembly for it. 

Step 3 - Install the Kit

Following the directions provided by the manufacturer, begin to install the kit. In most cases, the map light kit will consist of a box that needs to be placed on the dome of the vehicle. You will run wires from the light fixture down to the fuse box. You may need to cut in to the headliner to place this, but this can be easily fixed after the installation with some simple glue made specifically for this.

Step 4 - Connect the Battery

Reconnect the battery and test to ensure the light is working properly.