How to Install a Car Parametric Equalizer

  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-125
What You'll Need
16-Gauge Wire
Black Tape
Parametric equalizer

A car parametric equalizer allows you to control or maintain frequencies, bandwidths and amplitudes (also called parameters) that establish the response of your car’s audio equipment. It is a popular way of upgrading a car’s audio device for those who take music seriously as it enables them to attain the precise balance that they desire. In other words, this device takes care of the frequency bands and saves you from the hassle of adjusting for every special band. Follow the steps below to install a parametric equalizer in your own car.

Step 1: Decide the Place for Installation

Before you begin with the installation, decide the precise place where you want to position your equalizer. That will depend on your preferences in terms of comfort and usage and also vary according to your car’s model. If you decide to set it on the dashboard, keep in mind that you may have to make a unique customized holder for it.

Step 2: Hook Up the Power Wire

Once you have decided on the place, ensure that your car’s stereo or audio system is fully installed. Once done, use a 16-gauge wire to hook up to your panel of fuses for power input. To do so, you may have to detach the screws around the equalizer; if you are unable to do so, go forward by creating a hole for it to pass through. However, once you have positioned the wire through, don’t forget to replace the screws you removed.

Step 3: Use the Wires

Proceed by locating the stereo’s primary unit. Take it out as well as the cover at the edge of the wire connected to this stereo’s primary unit. Now, use another wire (longer in length than the one you previously used) to link the stereo to your parametric equalizer.

Step 4: Route the Wires

Locate the wire going from the audio unit to your parametric equalizer, which should turn the power on your system and route it. Tie down this wire with whatever equipment or device in your car you think is appropriate. Then fasten the RCA cables from the dash unit to the preamp jacks. Again, use black tape to fasten the cables together so as to secure them so they will not spread apart from one another. Finally, route them inside your car’s dashboard to the equalizer’s jacks.

Step 5: Final Touches and Check Up

Put the parametric equalizer back together with the amplifier using RCA cables running from the amplifier’s outlets into the equalizer’s jacks. Secure all the wires that you have installed or attached together, and see to it that the newly installed device is working effectively. If it is performing correctly, put the dash unit back in place.