How to Install a Carport Next to Your Home

What You'll Need
Basic Construction Tools
Bolts And Screws
Metal Brackets
Concrete Mixture
Tape Measure

Carports make for an excellent outdoor addition to your property. A popular design for many carports is to have them built directly onto the side of your home, often in place of building a full garage. If you wish to do this, such an addition is fairly easy to do.

Step 1 – The Base

If you are building directly onto your home, you probably want this to be a fairly permanent structure, which makes it all the more important to have a solid foundation. Build yourself a short retaining wall to encompass the area that your carport will sit, mix some concrete, and pour it in. Let it sit at least over night to dry.

As a side note, for added support, you may want to set your posts into the ground before laying your concrete. Just be sure they are level if you do.

Step 2 – The Wall Beam

Start by bolting a 2x6 beam to the side of your house. Be sure it is high enough to fit whatever you want into your carport, as this will mark the bottom edge of your carport.

Step 3 – Posts

You’ll need two posts planted an equal distance from the house. You may want to do this before laying the concrete. If you do, be sure that the bottom of your posts rest on gravel, as it will help protect from future water damage (you’ll probably have to plant them at least 6 inches down for this). Be sure that your posts are level before adding concrete. You may even want to add 2x6 supports between the posts and from the posts to the 2x6 beam on the wall, to hold them level while the concrete dries.

If you put them in after the concrete, simply place them in metal brackets that have been drilled and bolted to the concrete.

Step 4 – Supports

If you haven’t already, bolt 3 2x6’s around the top; one between the posts, and one from each post to the 2x6 wall beam. Use joist hangers to attach more 2x6’s between your beams to be used as rafters, spaced no more than 2 feet apart.

Step 5 – Roof Framing

Building the carport canopy is most certainly the most difficult portion of building a carport, though it is much easier if the roof is attached to the house and you only want a single pitch (as we will be doing).

Bolt another 2x6 support beam to the house just like the first one; make sure it is directly over top of the first, and that the top of the beam is where you want your roof to start. Measure from the top of this frame down to your posts to get the length of your roof. You can either construct the whole roof on the ground, starting with a square frame and adding supports, then bring the whole thing up to attach at once, or you can attach the frame to the carport piece by piece. The piece by piece method allows a greater chance for error, but is easier for a single person, given that they don’t have to lift the whole frame into place.
Be sure to secure the frame with metal brackets.

Step 6 – Plywood Paneling

Use plywood paneling for your roof cover. If multiple panels are needed, connect them using H brackets.
Once the plywood is in place, you simply need to do your shingling, screw in plywood sides if you want them, do any shingling and siding work, and you’re done!