How to Install a Casement Window Air Conditioner

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  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 160-350
What You'll Need
Mounting kit

A casement window air conditioner has a slider frame and a vertical aspect that provide a clean look and a secure mounting. The slider frame present with the air conditioner is installed with a plastic sheet. The filler space is also reduced to a minimum. Also, the window is well insulated, with the maximum part of the window being closed. Installing a casement window air conditioner is similar to other window unit installation. You have to keep in mind that it has to be installed vertically.

Check the Window Size

Ensure the size of the window is in alignment with the requirements mentioned in the installation kit. Order the kit which is in accordance with the size of the window.

Choose a Location

Look out for a good location of the window. See to it that the air flows freely in the room. Ensure that the power supply is within the range of the power cord length.

Attach the Support

Attach the brace which supports the platform, on which the air conditioner will rest. Make use of the nuts and bolts which are present in the tool kit.

Install the Air Conditioner Assembly

Make markings from the jamb of the window to the center of the air conditioner. Ensure that the side channels are adequately filled. Align the assembly with the brace and fix it with help of the screws.

Reinstall the Protection

Peel off the backing which protects the window frame. It is present on the track seal. Cut it, and then apply it on the side tracks of the window.

Fine Tune the Assembly

Fix up a board with sliding protection on the outside of the frame house. Attach it to the wall studs. Fine-tune the various components of the assembly. Ensure that the tab is resting on the interior of the tracks. Make sure to add some tilt in order to facilitate the drainage. Ensure proper leveling with the help of the shims.

Fix the Side Channels

Measure the dimensions of the opening of the window. Make appropriate markings on a plastic panel. Depending on the size of the air conditioner, remove the unexpected portion on the panel. Fasten them on to the air c conditioner’s side channels. Fix the plastic panel onto the window frame. Cut the seal of the side channel and then apply it on the panel frame.

Install the Casement Air Conditioner

Assemble the air conditioner and position it on the opening of the window. Shut down the casement window by sliding it in the proper direction. Use screws to affix and secure the arrangement. Ensure there are no gaps left and seal them with foam if any. Finally, make use of the locks and safety brackets. This would ensure that the installation is safe and secure.