How to Install a Casement Window Crank

What You'll Need
New crank mechanism
Screws (if required)

A casement window will be opened by the use of a crank or by hand. There is some sort of ratcheting mechanism or friction mechanism in the crank which allows the window to remain open in the wind.  When installing a new casement window that uses a crank, you will need to install it, being mindful of your measurements at all times. Below are steps for how to install a casement window crank.

The crank mechanism can be purchased at many home improvement stores but you may need to search for the proper one for your window.  There are different cranks on the market. They vary in style, measurements, and design. The basic concept of the mechanism is the same.  First keep in mind the proper size for your window. You also need to be mindful if you have a screen in the window. Its position can affect the location and smooth operation of the crank. You will find that there are different crank styles as well, from ones which spin around and ones with a handle that rotates. Lastly keep in mind how it looks. There are different sizes and finishes and you will need to choose the one which fits the look you desire.

Step 1 – Measure

You first need to determine the correct location for your crank. This will be determined by where the hinge is located. The window operator (the bar which connects the crank mechanism to the hinge) will need to work smoothly in a fully open to fully closed position. This is designed to fold away when the window is closed. You also need to determine if you are installing on the right or left side of your window and be sure that the mechanism as well as the hinge you use is designed for the right or left side. 

With your hinge in its fully extended position, attach the window operator loosely so that it is at its extended position. Move the crank mechanism along the sill to where it can be installed in a functional position. Mark the screw holes. Close the hinge and double-check that the crank mechanism still sits on the marked position. 

Step 2 – Screw in the Mechanism

Detach the window operator. Using your marked position, screw in the screws to hold the mechanism tightly. Replace the window operator and test it. Place the crank on the mechanism and turn it to be sure the window opens and closes properly. If it does not, most likely the mechanism is in the wrong position.

Step 3 - Finish

There will be a cover for your crank mechanism. Install it according to your manufacturer’s instructions. Install the crank itself, tightening the bottom screw that holds it in place. Check and double check the operation of your new crank.