How to Install a Ceiling Mount Garage Exhaust Fan

What You'll Need
Exhaust fan

If you find that you are working more often in your outhouse, then you may want to install a garage exhaust fan in order to remove fumes from that area. The best place to put this type of fan is in the ceiling. You may be concerned that there is already a ceiling mounted overhead light, but if you have a small amount of space above your garage, then you should definitely consider putting a ceiling mount garage exhaust fan into this room. By following a few simple steps, you can wire up the fan and make it carry fumes and overheated air into the atmosphere.

Step 1 - Prepare the Room

Make sure that all of the power to the garage is turned off at the mains. If you have a breaker box in your home, remove the one which powers up the garage. You should then remove the light fitting by unscrewing it and pulling it so that it hangs down with the wires exposed. Remove the electrical wiring, as this will be needed by your garage exhaust fan.

Step 2 - Make a Hole

The next step is to make a hole through the ceiling of the garage. Mark the area where you want the fan to be, and then cut around it using either a hand saw or a power tool such as a jigsaw. The hole should be as near as possible to the electrical box for the light. Once the hole has been made, find the electrical box, and unscrew it. Pull out the wires inside the box.

Step 3 - Wire up the Fan

Pull down the wires, and connect them to the fan. You will need to find which of the wires correspond with which connection, so read the instructions with the fan closely. You should then unscrew the individual connections, add the correct wire, and then tighten the connector screws back up using your screwdriver.

Step 4 - Connect the Exhaust

Screw in the exhaust hose, following the instructions, and then push this through into the space above the garage. Using a ladder, make a hole in the roof of the garage near the exhaust pipe, and then push this through. You will be able to secure this using connections in the exhaust fan kit. Seal around the edges of the hole using caulk or similar sealants.

Step 5 - Install the Fan

Now that the fan is wired and the exhaust connected, you can fit your fan onto the wall. You may find that you have a connected vent which needs to be screwed around the hole first, and the fan connected to this. Screw the backing of the fan onto the ceiling studs, and then seal around the hole using a caulk. Make sure that there are no holes along this seal, and then turn the power back onto your garage, and check the fan. The light switch will now turn on the fan.