How to Install a Ceramic Shower Shelf

shower shelf
  • 2-4 hours
  • Advanced
  • 80-120
What You'll Need
Ceramic tile/ceramic corner shelf
Tile saw
Decorative caps

A ceramic shower shelf is a decorative and functional addition to your ceramic finished shower. The shelf is very easy to install, using the correct set of tools and following simple directions. The shelf will provide convenient storage space and help you organize your shower. It is installed as you tile your entire wall as well as on your already tiled wall. You can install a number of shelves at different heights along with the corners of your shower.

Determine the Shelf Position

A shower shelf is best placed at the corner of your wall. Decide on the height of the shelf. Hold the shelf tile and use a pencil to mark the preferred position on the wall. Also, decide on the number of shelves you want to put up. Ideally, 2 shelves will serve you quite well.

Prepare the Shelf Tile

Take the cardboard and use the scissors to cut a template of the shelf. This will guide you on how to cut the tile following the right measurements. Pick up the cardboard template and use it to cut out the tile with the tile saw. The shelf is placed in between two wall tiles for support. Tile the shower walls until you get to the height where you want to place the shelf.

Fix the Shelf

Place the shelf tile and mark using the pencil the wall tiles to be mounted above the shelf. This will show the cuts that need to be made so that the shelf fits properly. Before marking, ensure that the title above is well aligned with those on its sides. Cut the tile above the shelf precisely along the marked lines. Place the shelf tile back after making adjustments. Make sure that both edges are firmly fixed into the corner using the adhesive.

Finish Up

Proceed with tiling your shower until you have covered all the walls. Apply grout as a finishing touch evenly on the shelf. Clean up your shower and enjoy the convenience of your shower shelf.

Installing Shower Shelf On Already Tiled Wall

When you need to add a ceramic shower shelf on an already tiled wall, get a tile with screws. Hold the tile against the wall at the exact position you want to install the shelf and mark the wall through the screw holes. Drill through the wall at the marked areas. The holes should be 0.25 to 05-inches deep. Take the shelf and align the screw holes with the drilled holes on the wall. Insert screws through the holes, tight enough to secure the shelf firmly into place. Cover the screws with decorative caps that come with the shelf.