How to Install a Climbing Pegboard Wall

What You'll Need
Pegboard (the larger, the better)
Hot glue gun
Caulking gun

A climbing pegboard wall is a heavy-duty pegboard which people use to climb a wall with their arms or do pull-ups. The following steps will help you install a climbing pegboard wall that can build strength in your upper body.

Safety Tips

Do not leave nails lying around, and do not hammer too close to your fingers. Remember to clean up the area and put everything back in a safe place, even if you do not have kids or pets.

Step 1 - Pick the Area

You do not want to install your climbing pegboard wall in a heavily trafficked area, but you do want an area that is big and strong enough to support the wall. Inside a garage or even an attic would be a good area. Just make sure that your selection will allow you to place something soft below the pegboard wall, in case of falls.

Step 2 - Find the Studs

Since people will be climbing on the wall, you should bolt the pegboard to wall studs. To do so, you will need to tap along the walls until you hear a less hollow sound. The less hollow sound indicates a stud. You may wish to mark the area and move along the rest of the wall until you have defined the whole area the pegboard will cover and marked this area for studs.

Step 3 - Drill the Bolts In

You may need a friend or family member help you hold up the pegboard wall as you drill the holes and tighten the bolts. Keep doing this until all of the bolts are in place and tight.

Step 4 - Install Screws and Nails

Next put in the screws and nails to help hold and support the pegboard wall. Put them on all sides of the wall, to give the extra support it will need. Do not put in too few because you want the climbing pegboard wall flush against the room's wall.

Step 5 - Install the Pegs

Next install the pegs by placing hot glue on to them and sticking them in. Some hot glue guns may require you to hold the pegs in place while the glue sets and dries. Do this with all of the pegs you need to install.

Step 6 - Seal Off the Wall

Finish by sealing off the wall with a caulking gun. You do not want water or moisture to get between the pegboard wall and the room wall. That moisture could cause rusting with a metal pegboard as well as other issues. Allow the caulk to dry before you test your climbing pegboard wall.