How to Install a Closet Rod Bracket

A closet rod bracket holds up the rod on which clothing is hung in a closet. You can find rods with simple support brackets or with shelves. For the best support, you either attach them to the studs behind the closet wall or use anchors with screws. To install a closet rod bracket, follow these instructions.


Mark the height of the brackets with a tape measure. Then mark the distance from the back wall. These measurements should be the same on each side.

Many closets have boards called cleats on each side for extra support. If your closet doesn't already have cleats, you can install the brackets on the wall or add cleats. Use a stud finder or, if there are no studs, put in anchors which the screws will go into.

Install the Closet Rod Brackets

Place the two closet rod brackets on either side of the closet. Make sure they are even. Attach them with wood screws if there are studs, or anchor screws if there are no studs.

Cut your rod to fit exactly, one side going into the closed bracket and the other slipping into the open bracket.

Shelf Brackets

Brackets are available that attach to the back of the closet wall and hold both a rod and a shelf. This option gives you more storage space.