How to Install a Cobblestone Driveway Apron

What You'll Need
Cobblestone Pavers
Sand Dust
20 lb. Hammer

To create a beautiful entrance for your cobblestone driveway, you can build an apron made of cobblestones. The entrance to the driveway is an important part of the design of the landscape. There are actually several different materials that can be used for an apron. If the driveway is made of loose stone, the best choice is to use pavers, which are cobblestone or brick; the pavers will create a barrier and help to keep the stones in.

However, for a driveway that is made of cobblestones, you can still use cobblestone pavers for the apron; just a bit differently. For instance, you can change the pattern or use a complimentary color. Cobblestone pavers are actually made of granite; one side is relatively smooth and the other has much more texture. You will want to handpick the stones you are going to use, since they have to kind of fit together, like a big jigsaw puzzle. Since the apron is a relatively small area, it isn't very expensive to pave.

An excellent measurement for the driveway apron is about 15 or 20 feet long from the end of the driveway. The apron should be as wide as the driveway, although entries need a bit of flair; so that cars can easily turn into the driveway from the street. Circular drives should have aprons on both ends.

Step 1 - Digging

First thing that needs to be done, is to dig a trench. The trench needs to be as large as you want your apron to be and about 6-inches deep.

Step 2 - Stone Dust

Stone dust is used in setting all kinds of stones, it is very fine but jagged; when stone dust is damp it becomes like cement, it is very good for compaction. You will compact the pavers into the sand dust. So, you need to pour 4-inches of sand dust into the trench.

Step 3 - Placing and Compacting Pavers

You next want to begin placing the pavers. This is when it is beneficial to have handpicked your stones; pick a stone that fits, you will place it into the sand dust, with the smoother of the two sides face up. After placing the stone, you will need to compact it into the sand dust.

With the 20 lb. hammer, you will very lightly tap the paver with the top of the hammer into the sand dust. It is very important that you tap lightly, since the pavers are a little delicate; you don't want it to break.

Place each paver with a space of 1-inch in between. You will be tapping the stones after each placement, to ensure that the apron is level. You may be using cobblestones, but you don't want your new apron to be beautiful, yet dangerous to walk on.

Step 4 - Filling the Gaps

Now, all the cobblestones are in place and have been tapped with the hammer; make certain everything is as you want it. To finish the installation, use sand dust to fill all the gaps between the pavers.