How to Install a Cobblestone Paver Walkway

Paver stones.
  • 5-6 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 500-700
What You'll Need
Landscape paint
Sod cutter
Landscape border

The cobblestone paver is a great way to add some character and definition to your garden and walkway. Cobblestones have been in use for centuries as a building material for roads and walkways around the world. They last for a very long time and do not require a lot of maintenance. Installing a cobblestone paver walkway is challenging in that there is a lot of labor involved. In some instances, especially if you are installing a long walkway, the help of a few friends makes this project a lot easier.

Step 1 - Determine Location for Cobblestone Paver Walkway

Before doing any work to the ground you will want to determine where the actual walkway will be located. Use some landscape paint and mark the outline of the walkway. You will need to paint two lines to make the width of the walkway.

Step 2 - Prepare the Ground

Once the ground has been marked with the paint you can prepare it for the pavers. Rent a sod cutter to make the project easier. Use the sod cutter to easily cut through the sod and leave it in lengths that you can roll up and transport to another area of your lawn, someone else who needs it, or to the landfill. Once the sod is removed, make sure to remove rocks, roots, and other obstacles. Rake the ground until it is smooth and even.

Step 3 - Install Border

Using the landscape border of your choice, begin installing it. A good border is a small plastic type that has a small curved reveal. This will help to not only define the space of the walkway, but also help you mow your lawn and edge the walkway. Set the border on the side of the area that has been cut out. Drive in stakes to hold them in place.

Step 4 - Spread Out Sand

You can use either coarse sand or crushed limestone for the bedding of your cobblestone paver walkway. Whichever you choose, spread it out on the ground to a depth of two inches. Another tool that you may want to rent is a compactor. Use the compactor over the sand until it is packed tightly.

Step 5 - Install Cobblestone Pavers

Starting at the bottom of your walkway, begin to lay out the cobblestone pavers. Start in the center of the walkway and work out from there. You should not have many instances where you need to cut any of the pavers. If you do, use a chisel to score the paver. Break it off with a hammer. Continue installing the pavers until the walkway is completed.

Step 6 - Spread out Sand

To cement the pavers in place you will be using sand. Spread out more sand over the top of the pavers. Sweep it into the cracks and crevices. Use the compactor again to make sure that it is all level and stable. The cobblestone pavers will last for many years this way.

Step 7 - Wash Off Excess Dirt

Use a hose and run it over your walkway. This will remove any of the standing dirt that has been left on top of the pavers.