How to Install a Cold Air Intake


When there is need to replace the air supply system of your vehicle, you need to remove the factory air stock system, attach the new air filter and install the cold air intake system. It is important to know where the factory air stock system is located and the working of the system should also be known. To install a cold air intake system, you need to follow certain steps which are given below.

Things You'll Need

  • Cold air intake kit
  • Air filter (if not available in the kit)
  • Car manual
  • Socket wrench and sockets
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Flathead and Phillips-head screwdrivers
  • Preparing to install the system

Step 1: Preparing To Install The Cold Air Intake System

The tools needed for the installation must be collected. The cold air intake kit manual must be checked for knowing the socket and wrench sizes that are required to perform this task. The vehicle must be parked in a leveled place. The engine must be cooled down completely before proceeding with the task. The hood is now opened and the battery cable must be detached from the negative terminal.

Step 2: Removing The Factory Air Stock System

Locate the factory air tube that connects the stock air box to the body of the throttle by referring the manual. Use the pliers to remove the clamps attached to the vacuum hoses and pull out the vacuum hoses from the air intake tube. Loosen the clamps that attach the intake tube to the stock box using a screwdriver. The hose clamps are also loosened to attach the intake tube to the throttle body. Remove the air intake tube. The mass airflow sensor is then disconnected (only if the vehicle contains it). Remove any obstacles blocking the access to the stock box bolts. In many vehicles there will be air resonation system around the stock box. Using the socket wrench, unscrew the bolts of the stock air box and remove it from the engine bay.

Step 3: Attaching The New Air Filter To The Cold Air Intake Pipe

All the parts of the cold air intake system that is listed in the manual must be collected. The air filter must be pre-oiled and it is checked for any damage. The air filter is kept at the end of the intake pipe and it is secured with a hose clamp. It is pulled gently to assure that it is secured.

Step 4: Installing The Cold Air Intake System

The number of vacuum hoses present in the vehicle is compared to the number of holes in the air intake pipe. If there are more holes, then the additional holes must be plugged with the grommets that will be provided along with the kit. The silicone coupling that comes with the kit must be attached to the throttle body. The coupling is secured by tightening the hose clamp. Another hose clamp is now placed in front of the coupling. The intake tube is slid to the silicone coupling. The tube should be checked for any obstacles. The intake pipe must be running from the throttle bay, away from the engine bay. Tighten the second hose clamp on the silicone coupling and make sure that you secure all the brackets on the tube. The intake tube must be secured in place to avoid rattling. The mass air flow sensor is now plugged to the new cold air intake system. The battery terminal is reconnected and the hood is closed. Now turn on your vehicle and test whether the engine idles smoothly.