How to Install a Concrete Header Block

What You'll Need
8 inch blocks
2 by 4 pieces of wood
Anchor bolts

When dealing with home improvement tasks, such as installing a concrete header block, it is always best to follow instructions, for the tasks can appear challenging. By following the following steps, you will accurately install a header block.

Step 1 - Choosing the Right Blocks

Before beginning any project choose the right block that you will need. You will need to measure out the dimensions and receive a width and a length.

Step 2 - Footing for a Block Wall

Place each block on a solid footing of poured concrete. Make sure the footing is deep enough so the base remains below the frost line. The footing should be twice as deeps as the dimensions of the wall. Hold in the forms by 2 by 4s and wooden stakes. Make sure the footing is level. Fill the form rising all the way to the top edge. Next level this by pulling on the 2 by 4s on every side. Fill this form to the very top of the edge. To ensure that the concrete is level, use a straightedge. Let dry for up to 3 days.

Step 3 - Laying the Stakes in the Ground

Put stakes into the ground marking the area where you want to lay your blocks. You will want to locate the exact corner. There should be two takes at each end and about 2 feet away from the edge of the foundation. Place a third stake. Make sure each stake is square to one another. Next you will place a string where one of them is 3 feet from where the 2 strings cross. In addition, you will place a mark at the 4 feet mark, which is the crossing point on the other string.

Step 4 - Stretching the Lines

To do this stretch the lines from one corner to the next. Where the lines both cross will lie the exact corner. Drop a plumb bob down toward each line. This should be where the strings meet. Do this as well for where the lines cross and at positions that go 2 inches into each direction. Figure out how many blocks you need for laying of the header. You may need to cut blocks. Place a block at the corner of the walls. To separate the block ends you will cut a piece of plywood to illustrate the mortar joint. Fill in between the end blocks with dry CMU blocks.

Step 5 - Installing Anchor Bolts

Once the blocks are set up, you can begin to place anchor bolts in the mortar. You want to do this before it dries. You want to wedge the bolts into the mortar so they can dry a few inches below the surface. The threaded end should remain above the surface. Remember to keep the anchor bolts as straight as possible.