How to Install a Corner Mantel Shelf

What You'll Need
Corner shelf
Mounting board/Bracket
Circular saw
Level (optional)
Ladder (optional)

Whether you build it yourself or buy it from a home improvement store, a corner mantel shelf can be an attractive addition to your home. In addition to utilizing space in your home that you would be forced to waste otherwise, corner mantel shelves can provide cohesion to an otherwise incomplete or seemingly erratically decorated room. Although it may seem like installing a corner mantel shelf would be complicated or difficult, in truth, it is one of the simplest DIY tasks that you can perform.


Step 1 - Preparation

Hold your bracket up to where you wish to install your corner mantel shelf. If you are placing the shelf up above your head, you may wish to use a ladder during installation. Mark the corners with your pencil, and then mark in with a pencil where the screws will have to go. If you wish, you can use a level to make sure that your marks are even, but it's not necessary. If you want to paint or decorate your corner shelf, and haven't done so already, now is the time to do that. Although you can paint the shelf once it is installed, it is much easier and cleaner to do it before installation.

Step 2 - Mounting the Bracket

When you're ready, you can mount the bracket. To do this, lift the bracket into place and affix your screws. You can do this by hand with a screwdriver or with a power tool. You may need to enlist the help of a friend or family member to hold your bracket in place while you insert the screws if your bracket is heavy or you are otherwise uncomfortable doing it on your own. You may also wish to leave the screws a little bit loose so that you can adjust the bracket 1 last time to make sure it is properly positioned. If using a construction-grade adhesive, simply apply it to the back of your mounting board and press the mounting board into place.

Step 3 - Affixing the Shelf

After your bracket is mounted, all you must do is slide the shelf into place. Depending on how your shelf was made, it may not lie flush with the walls of the corner you've placed it in. If this happens, don't worry! If your shelf isn't flush with both sides of the corner, just mount it so that it is flush with one of the sides. The space between the wall and shelf on the other side shouldn't be too noticeable, and if it is, you can always fill in the space with caulk or some other filler. However, if you opt to fill in the gap, be aware that it will make it more difficult to remove the shelf in the future, and depending on your wall, may be harmful to the wall and the shelf.

After you affix the shelf, your job will be finished. If you installed your shelf using an adhesive instead of screws, you may wish to wait a couple of days before placing anything on the shelf. This will ensure that the adhesive has formed a strong bond, and waiting will prevent your shelf and the items on it from becoming damaged.