How to Install a Corner Shower Enclosure

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  • 8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 400
What You'll Need
Corner shower enclosure
Tape measure
Sheet rock nails
Shower head
Drain assembly
Hole saw
Plumbers putty
Teflon tape
Silicone caulk

A corner shower enclosure is an excellent means by which to utilize limited space in your bathroom. It’s not especially difficult to install a corner shower enclosure, as long as you have some building and plumbing experience. You don’t need extensive knowledge, as long as the piping is already in place. If not, hire a plumber to run the pipes where you need them.

Step 1 - The Type of Enclosure

There are 2 types of corner shower enclosures. The first is a 1-piece, which requires no assembly. It makes the job go a great deal faster. The other corner shower enclosure is in kit form that needs to be assembled. Most people opt for the former, but you need to make sure it will fit through the bathroom door. Measure the door before you buy the shower enclosure.

Step 2 - Location

Although the drain will already be cut from the corner shower enclosure, you’ll need to measure for plumbing. Go from the floor to the stem of the shower head and also to the water stem, where the faucets will be. Measure several times and then cut using a hole saw only after you’re certain you’re right.

Step 3 - Floor

The floor will need to be prepared before you can install the corner shower enclosure. Read the instructions that come with the unit. In some cases, it will mean foam insulation between the unit and the floor, and other times you will only need a level, solid subfloor. A subfloor made from .75-inch plywood is usually adequate.

Step 4 - Installation

To begin the installation of the corner shower enclosure, place the unit very carefully so all the plumbing fits through the holes you’ve made. The drain pipe should protrude slightly from its hole.

To hold it in place, assemble the drain and use plumber’s putty under the flange. Put the drain assembly in place, pushing it down onto the drain pipe. Remove any excess putty and screw the screen in place over the drain.

Step 5 - Finishing Installation

To attach the corner shower enclosure to the walls, hammer sheet rock nails along the predrilled strip, going into the wall studs. Test for strength before you install the shower head. Use Teflon tape on the threads, then screw on the shower head.

Add the trim for the faucets, then put the faucets on the stems and tighten the set screws. Finish with silicone caulk around the shower head and faucet trim, smoothing it with your fingertip to achieve a good line. Let the caulk dry thoroughly before running the water.