How to Install a Curtain Rod in a Metal Wall

Curtains in a living room.
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 15-30
What You'll Need
Metal screws
Curtain rod

Hanging a curtain rod in a metal wall may seem impossible but it can be done. Follow these steps to ensure that your curtain rod is hung correctly and safely.

Step 1 - Prepare

Think carefully about where you will hang your curtain rod. Once you drill into a metal wall, there's no way to cover mistakes. Mark where you want to drill and measure from either the ceiling or floor to ensure holes in opposite walls are even.

Step 2 - Choose the Screws

Your curtain rod kit may come with screws but these will not work in a metal wall. There are many metal screws to choose from such as: Pan Head screws (rounded head), Countersunk Head screws (heads that sit flush) or Hexagon Head screws, great for connecting metal to metal.

Step 3 - Drill

Forget the curtain rod for a moment and take the screws and drill them partially into the metal walls. Then remove the screws and you will have your holes already pre-drilled, which will help when hanging the rod.

Step 4 - Hang the Curtain Rod

Now take the brackets or other pieces that have come with your curtain rod and hang it, using your drill and metal screws.