How to Install a Curtain Track

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  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • $5
What You'll Need
Metal tape measure
Safety glasses
Nails, 2
Step ladder
Dust sheet

Depending on the kind of drapes you're installing, you may need to install a curtain track. There are many different types of curtain tracks and poles and they will all have their own installation procedures. Most of these methods are very similar and easy to complete.


The track needs to be between 4 to 6 inches above the window recess although you can position it lower if there isn’t much space available. Ideally, the curtain track should be midway between the window and the ceiling. Occasionally, you might have to alter this general rule so the curtain track is in direct proportion for the space you are working in. There might be times you’ll need to alter the position of the brackets holding the curtain rail when there are obstructions you can’t move.

Mark a line at the correct level. When this is done, make measurements for the curtain track brackets. These should be 6 inches on either side of the window on the line you’ve already marked. To be certain your line is level put a nail in each of the bracket markings and run a string line between them to ensure they’re level (with a smaller window you can use a spirit level). Make any adjustments if necessary.

Some curtain tracks will require a center bracket, especially on wider windows. To fix them into position, measure from the mark on one side bracket to the other and make a mark in the center. Where there are several brackets, measure up so they are equally spaced.

Fitting the Brackets

Before you start to fit the brackets, spread a dust sheet on the floor. This will save a lot of cleaning later. Starting at one side, hold one bracket up to its mark, ensuring the bracket is centered on the mark. Use the pencil to mark the holes you will need to affix the bracket.

Take the drill and drill these holes. Use the bit large enough for the plugs you will be putting into the wall. Make sure you wear safety glasses when using a drill to protect your eyes in case of flying pieces of drywall. When the holes have been drilled, insert the plugs, using the hammer to tap them into place. The plugs need to be flush with the wall. When this has been done, screw the bracket into place. Repeat this procedure for all of the brackets. Do not overtighten the screws as they only need to be tight enough to hold firmly into place.

Fitting the Track

Once all the brackets are in place, you can fit the curtain track. In some cases, the curtain track will just lie on the brackets but in others, it will need to be secured.

Ensure the curtain track is centered on the brackets. There will be a hole on the bottom part of the bracket where the curtain track sits on it. To secure the curtain track, screw through the track until the screw is flush against the bracket and not visible. Your drapes will now be ready to hang on the curtain track.