How To Install A Deadbolt Lock In 20 Minutes

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Safety glasses

A deadbolt lock is an inexpensive way to provide some added security for your home. The two types of deadbolt locks are internal and surface mounted. Both of these locks can be installed on most existing doors in no time at all. Best of all they require just a few tools and a minimal amount of experience to install one. 

A surface mounted deadbolt lock is easier to install and all you’ll need are the following tools listed below:


Step 1 – Lay-out the Lock

You’ll need to mark-out the deadbolt lock on both the door itself and the door frame. Most deadbolts are located about 6 inches from the door hardware. Making sure the deadbolt is aligned perfectly with the strike on the door frame is crucial to a proper installation. Fortunately, most lock manufacturers include a template that will allow you to align the two with relative ease. Follow the instructions and mark-out the deadbolt on the door and the strike plate on the frame. Use a pencil to make any marks since they will be easy to clean at the end of the installation.

Step 2 – Make the Openings

After you’ve marked-out the lock and strike plate you can use the hole saw to make the hole for the deadbolt. These bits will fit on either a cordless or power drill with a standard 3/8 inch chuck. Make sure you start slowly so the bit does not slip and scratch the door.

For the strike plate, you’ll have to use a hammer and a wood chisel to mortise the plate properly. To ensure a clean line when chiseling, use a sharp utility knife to score the outline of the strike plate. Then, using a sharp wood chisel, remove enough of the frame so that the strike plate is flush with the door frame. Be careful to remove a little at a time and to stay within the lines you made with the template. A strike plate for a deadbolt lock contains several layers so remember to check the mortise to make sure it’s flush. To make the recess for the latch bolt you can use a spade bit to ensure the recess is the proper diameter.  

Step 3 –Install the Deadbolt

To install the deadbolt hold the cylinder ring around the cylinder with the keyhole facing the bottom. Insert the cylinder with the connecting bar into recess from the outside.  Be sure to set the bolt in the open position and attach the back plate to the inside of the door using the fasteners provided. Next, line up the slot in the bolt case with the connecting bar and attach the bolt case to the inside of the door.  Test the fit and if the connecting bar is too long, snap it off at one of its break points. After the bolt case is flush on both sides of the door, test the bolt to make sure it’s operating properly.