How to Install a Decorative Cast Iron Mailbox

What You'll Need
Cast iron mailbox
Iron mailbox post
Post hole digger
Mailbox mounting kit
Electric screwdriver or socket wrench
Quick setting cement
Drill mixer attachment
Cinder blocks

Creating an old world country look would not be complete without including a decorative cast iron mailbox. A country motif is a popular design style where furniture is purposely aged, old items are used as decorations and gardens are made to be overgrown. The style creates a comfortable feel that is lived-in and not pretentious in nature. When you set out to create a country look; using decorative cast iron is certainly a way to do so. Outside features are very popular with this type of design. With the inclusion of old tires, flowers and a decorative cast iron mailbox are all features to consider. The article that follows will show you how you can install a decorative cast iron mailbox.

Step 1 - Preparing the Area

Any mailbox, decorative or otherwise, has to be installed in relatively the same way. Choose an area where you wish to place the decorative cast iron mailbox. Make sure that the area is free of all debris such as large rocks, roots and weeds. Use the post hole digger to create the hole for the mailbox post. The weight of the decorative cast iron mailbox can cause it to sink so when you dig the hole make it around 2 feet deep.

Step 2 - Install the Mailbox Post

Mix the quick setting concrete in a bucket according to the directions on the bag. Use the drill and the mixing attachment in order to thoroughly mix the concrete. Place the mailbox post inside the hole and keep it steady by putting two cinder blocks on either side sandwiching it in place. Pour about 1 inch of gravel into the post hole. Pour the mixed cement into the hole so that it is about 1/2 up the sides of the hole. Lift the pole slightly to allow the concrete to get under the mailbox pole and then set it down again. Pour more of the concrete into the hole so that it is even with the ground. Allow the concrete to cure over the new few days until it is completely hardened.

Step 3 - Attaching the Mailbox to the Post

A mailbox mounting kit will include screws, washers and bolts which will all be used to properly attach the decorative cast iron mailbox to the post. Place the mailbox on the post and line it up with the holes in the post. Place a washer over one of the holes then insert the screw. Attach the nut to the screw and finger tighten. Place all of the screws, washers and nut in each of the holes and finger tighten them. Use the electric screwdriver or the socket wrench to tighten the nuts and the screws. When you tighten the screws you have to tighten one in the back and then one in the front. Alternate tightening the screws until all of them are tightened. This allows for an even installation.