How to Install a Doggy Door in a Glass Storm Door

  • 2-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 20-60
What You'll Need
Self Framing pet door
Glass cutter
Tape measure
Masking tape

Installing a pet door in your glass storm door is not only a great idea, but it is probably a lot easier than you may be thinking it is.

All you need are the proper tools and purchases. Along with some step by step directions you should be done in not time, and your pet will love it.

Written below are the steps that need to be taken to ensure that your pet door is installed securely and safely.

Step 1 - Measure Your Pet

As funny as this may sound, in order to let your pet in or out as he or she pleases, you need to make sure to get the right size of pet door. Pet doors usually come in small, medium, or large.

You will want to measure your pet two different ways. First, measure it's head to it's knees. Then you will want measure across its shoulders, because that is the widest part on pets. Write these measurements down so they are easily accessible when purchasing your pet door.

Step 2 - Purchase

Now that you know which size of pet door you need, it's time to go shopping. When you are browsing for your new pet door, it is key to remember that you are installing this into glass, so you will want to get a self framing pet door. This way there is no need for it to be secured any other way.

Step 3 - Measure to Match

After you have purchased your pet door, you will want to measure it against your door. Take your tape measure and measure the inside of your new pet door. This means that you will want to measure the area inside the two lips that stick out. Doing this will ensure that it will latch into place when installed.

Step 4 - Masking Tape Border

Now that you know the dimensions that you need to cut, it is time to make a pattern so you know exactly where to cut. Use your masking tape to form a box matching the dimensions that you just took of the pet door.

Step 5 - Start Cutting

If you've made your pattern for cutting, it is time to take out your glass cutter and get to work. Very carefully, and very slowly you will want to cut around the pattern you made on your glass.

Step 6 - Insert the Pet Door

Now that there is a hole in your door, it's time to cover a bit of it up with your new pet door. Take out your new door, and simply push it into place.

You will have to take either the left or right side and start there. Edge it into place until you hear it latch, meaning that it is securely in place.

The great thing about installing into a storm door, is that now you have the option to control your pets ins and outs. By closing or opening the main door, your pet is allowed in or out! Great job.