How to Install a Dome On Top of a Flat Skylight

Skylight and New Roof

You can learn how to install skylight domes to easily add another protective layer on top of your existing skylight. Follow the simple steps below to complete this project.


Start out by measuring the size of the skylight. Once you have the exact dimensions, order a dome of the appropriate size. You should be able to fit the dome over the skylight with some extra room on the sides. You can choose between several standard skylight sizes for this job. For example, popular sizes include 14½x30½-inch or 22½x 22½-inch models.

Attach the Dome

You will need to insert screws into the sides of the dome. Use your drill to screw the dome down to the roof.

Seal the Edges

Once you have the dome in place, apply a bead of caulk to the sides of it, all the way around the outside. You need to apply it all around the outside so that it will keep moisture out away from the inside.