How to Install a Door Threshold Extension

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  • 2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100-200
What You'll Need
General tools
Power chipping hammer
Sharp putty knife

Your door threshold is a part of the house that you use every day but you always seem to take for granted. Door thresholds are found at the bottom door frames of doors and serve to keep your home safe from the threats of moisture, drafts and bugs and other vermin. Extending an existing door threshold is therefore a logical move in improving your home.

Step 1 – Find Out the Measurements of Your Old Threshold

First thing is to measure the height and length of your door threshold. When you have that, measure the distance from both jambs of your door and the distance between the end of the door and that of your floor. You should also take note of door thresholds that are installed beneath the door jambs.

Step 2 – Take Out the Old Door Threshold

In order for you to install the new, extended door threshold, you have to remove the existing threshold first. To do so, cut through the center of the door threshold with the use of a backsaw. Then proceed to removing the cut out halves by prying them out. The reason for why you should follow this strategy is because cutting in the center will prevent you from accidentally damaging your floor. Once you’ve managed to extricate your old door threshold, inspect the area for any water or moisture damage.

Step 3 – Install the Extended Door Thresholds

To install the new door thresholds, you need to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. Because door thresholds are made using different material, your manner of installation should also differ according to the make. Regardless of the material, you need to lay your door threshold on top of your door sill and secure it there. Before you permanently attach your door threshold, open your door back and forth to see if it you can open your door all the way. There should be a little resistance but you should still be able to open the door properly.

For aluminum thresholds, you have to install the door thresholds with the use of screws that are hidden in the vinyl leather stripping of the thresholds.

Solid thresholds are more versatile when it comes to the installation than the other kinds of door thresholds. You can choose between screws, nails and adhesives. Although you can always go with the first two options, chances are that you wouldn’t want your door thresholds to be adorned with so many screws and nails because not only will it be unsightly but it increases the chances of moisture buildup inside. On the other hand, adhesive is very efficient in putting the door threshold into place.

Step 4 – Apply Finishing Touches

Once you are done with the installation, you have to treat your thresholds with a coat of polyurethane or wood sealant to increase its ability to keep moisture out.