How to Install a Drinking Water Fountain

What You'll Need
Water cooler drinking fountain
Wrenches (normal and adjustable)

If you are considering adding a drinking water fountain to your office, workplace or outside, there are a few issues to consider. Firstly, the drinking fountain needs to be located in a place where passing people will be able to access it. Adding a fresh water drinking fountain is a great feature to have installed and is very simple to fit with the right tools and a little know-how.

Step 1 – Water Supply

You should always install your fresh water drinking fountain near an existing drinking water supply. The drinking fountain you have purchased will need fresh water as a supply. Locate the right area to attach or install your water fountain and mark the area, according to the size of the fountain and height. If it is a wall fountain you will need a good level of support. If it is freestanding, make sure it has the right fittings and applications.

Step 2 – The Water Fountain

Once your fountain has arrived take the components out of the box and wrapping and do an inventory check. You need to be certain that all parts are included.

Step 3 – Connection

You will have to detach the front or side panel, depending on the style of fountain. Inside there is a chiller unit, which needs to be attached to the water supply. Before you do that, you need to install a shut-off valve so that the water doesn’t flow before it should. Use the shut-off valve to stop the water flow. You can now proceed to connecting the unit.

Step 4 – Flushing

Before you use the fountain, the lines should be flushed with water to clear any new smells, new tastes or anything that interferes with the correct function of the fountain. Open the shut-off valve and flush the lines.

Step 5 – Securing the Unit

The whole fountain unit is designed to secure to a wall or floor. Bolts should be included with your fountain. Locate the brackets on the unit where the screws or bolts go. Drill pilot holes to screw the unit into and then secure tightly.

Step 6 – The Water

If the water in your area is a little limey, you might want to install a softener or filter to protect the unit from building up minerals or lime scale. It will also ensure that the water flowing from the fountain tastes like spring water and is always cold and very fresh to drink.

Step 7 – Panel

Replace the panel on either the front or side and secure it closed with the clips or screws it came with. You should now be able to test the fountain and see how high the water flows. You won’t want to have people get a shower each time they go for a drink, so adjust the drinking fountain pressure to make sure they get the right amount of water when they use it.