How to Install a Faux Tin Ceiling

If you find the normal white ceiling finish just weary, the best choice for you can be a faux tin ceiling. You can get several benefits by installing tin ceiling. The major advantage of installing this type of ceiling is the graceful appearance that it offers. The tin ceiling is quite attractive and most sought after in the construction today. Installing tin ceilings will provide a complete new dimension to your home. Its high-end look adds to the features of your house or property. Another benefit of a faux tin ceiling is that it is much inexpensive.

Tin ceilings usually are available with a sort of elaborate pattern work. Installing tin ceiling is in fact a simple process without too much of work to be done

Tin ceiling are most suitable for dining area, kitchen, entryway and other places where you can think. Here are easy steps to install the tin ceilings:

Materials and Tools

  • High-impact, faux tin tiles
  • Broom
  • Adhesive
  • Tape Measure
  • Marker
  • Chalk line
  • Straight edge knife
  • Crown molding
  • Box cutter
  • Nail Gun
  • Caulk & Caulk Gun

Step 1: Measuring the Ceiling and Marking Middle Point

Measure the size of your ceiling with measuring tape. Also locate the center  of the ceiling with help of chalk line. Calculate the area. Select the tin tiles design and size and work out the requirement of tiles. Add about 10% extra tiles for edges.

Step 2: Clear in Ceiling

Remove the crown molding in the ceiling before you start to install tin ceiling.

Step 3: Cleaning the Ceiling

Clean the ceiling with a broom to wipe of  all the dust settled on the ceiling. This is required to make the surface clean for adherence of   the glue used for fixing.

Step 4: Applying the Adhesive to Tin Tiles

Paste only a thin layer in even lines. The adhesive should not be applied up to the edges. It should be put leaving almost ½ inch space from the edges so that the adhesive will not spread out. Remove the excess adhesive using rags and warm water.

Step 5: Fixing the Faux Tin Tiles

Start fixing the tiles from the middle of the ceiling and work your way towards the edges. This way, there will be need only to trim the tile pieces fixed on the edges to cover the ceiling. This will also keep the design unharmed. You should mark the center of ceiling to ensure that you start exactly from the middle of the ceiling. 

Step 6: Fixing Remaining Tiles

Fix the next tile ensuring that you  overlap the seams. Repeat this process to cover the ceiling all across the room.

Step 7: Trimming the Tiles

Cut the tiles where the area to be filled is smaller. Take the measurements properly. Use a straight edge knife or a box cutter to cut the tile and fill the edges on ceiling.

Step 8: Fixing Crown Molding

Cover the ceiling edges where the tiles will have the raw edges with crown molding. Cut the pieces of molding  with a saw to fit the edges along the wall and  with a nail gun or a hammer and nails. Fill the nail holes with the sealing caulk using the chalk gun.