How to Install a Frameless Glass Shower Door

a sleek modern bathroom with smooth stone surfaces
  • 2-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 60-110
What You'll Need
Wooden shim
Drill and masonry bit
Wall anchors
Stud finder
Vinyl sweep

A frameless glass shower door is a beautiful addition to your bathroom. Installing such a shower door can be the finishing touch to a custom bathroom. A frameless glass shower door also adds luxury to a standard bathroom.

There are a number of different models available. The largest variety of frameless doors are available at bathroom fixture and glass stores. Although these stores are geared toward professional contractors and interior decorators, you are welcome and will find the expertise of the staff helpful. As this type of shower door gains popularity, it will become more readily available through local home improvement stores.

Your door should come with hardware. Included with the door will be hinges, screws, and a vinyl sweep to be placed under the bottom of the door.

Step 1 - Make Sure the Door Fits

Accurate measurements are always necessary when purchasing doors and fittings. Now that you have the door in the bathroom, ensure that it will fit the opening. If you plan to use seals when hanging the door, you have to account for their width. If no seals are being used, the opening should be roughly ¼ inch wider than the door.

Step 2 - Prepare the Door for Installation

Locate the hinges and the door handles. Use your screwdriver to attach the hinges and door handle to the glass shower door. Attach the hinges in the center of the cut out in the glass. Hinges attached in the center of the opening allow the widest range of movement for adjustment. Tighten the screws by hand. If your door came with gaskets, apply them now.

Step 3 - Align Door in Proper Position

A wooden shim is a piece of wood that is used to elevate large fixtures. They can be found at local home improvement stores in varying widths. You don’t need a large shim to raise the door from the ground.

Use a 0.225-inch shim. Raising the door from the floor allows you to position it correctly. Place the door in the desired position and use a level to ensure that the door is level. If you're not sure you can carry the door yourself, get a friend or assistant to help.

Step 4 - Drill Holes

Use the masonry bit to drill pilot holes in the tile. Before you drill, mark the spots with a pencil to ensure that the holes are in the correct position. Use the stud finder to ensure that the screws attach to the stud. Push high-quality anchors into the pilot holes and screw the door in place.

Step 5 - Place Vinyl Sweeps

Place the vinyl sweep on the threshold. Open and close the door several times to ensure that it moves smoothly.

That’s it. Enjoy the luxuriousness of your new shower.