How to Install a Front License Plate Holder With Pop Rivets

license plate on the front of a car
What You'll Need
Rivet gun
Electric drill
Drill bit (the same size as the rivet to be used)
Pop rivets

Installing a front license plate holder with pop rivets instead of the usual screws may not be such a difficult task but it can actually be a tricky job. If you are not able to install it properly, the license plate could come loose while you are driving on the road and become a hazard which can be dangerous for other road drivers. You may also get a ticket and a hefty fine if you are pulled over by a police officer for a lost license plate. Pop rivets are better than screws because they are not loosened by the bumps and vibrations normal in driving a vehicle. You do not have to hire professional help to do it since you can do the job yourself.

Step 1 - Check on Requirements

Before installing a holder for a front license plate, check with the Department of Motor Vehicles office locally if you are required to have a front license plate in the state you are in. Most jurisdictions require a front and back license plate but it is safer to check first to avoid incurring a violation.

Step 2 - Remove the License Plate

Remove your license plate by locating the two screws that are on top of the plate and unscrewing them with a screwdriver.

Step 3 - Fit the License Plate Holder

Once the license plate is removed from its mount, slide it into position inside the holder. There are usually two holes found on top and bottom of the holder. Mark their positions on the license plate. There are other styles of license plate holders that may have attachment holes on other parts of the frame. Mark their positions on the license plate as well.

Step 4 - Drill the License Plate

If your license plate does not have holes that align with the holes found on the plate holder, you will have to drill it using an electric drill. The size of the bit to use should be the same as the size of your pop rivets.

Step 5 - Fasten the License Plate

license plate in a frame

Insert your pop rivet into the rivet gun and align the holes on the license plate with those on the license plate holder. Put the rivet in position and squeeze on the rivet gun handles until the rivet shank breaks off. This will usually mean that the rivet has been compressed enough for a proper joint. If not, drill through the rivet to remove and refasten with a new pop rivet. If the hole has been made larger due to the removal of the previous rivet, use the next rivet size as a replacement.

Step 6 - Check the License Plate Holder Rivets

Always check all the rivets that you have attached to ensure a perfect joint. This is to make sure that the plate will not come off its holder at the wrong moment.

Step 7 - Reattach the License Plate to Your Car

Once you have ensured that the license plate and its holder have been properly fastened together, place it back to its position with screws.