How to Install a Glass Garage Door

What You'll Need
Glass Garage Door
Socket Wrench

A glass garage door is just exactly that. A garage door that is made out of glass panels instead of wood, vinyl, or metal. Glass garage doors are mostly used in businesses, but they are occasionally used in elegant homes for curb appeal. A glass garage door should not be installed in a home where there is a lot of climate change. A warm environment is much better for a completely glass garage door. 

Step 1: Attach Weatherstripping to Bottom of Door

On the very bottom part of the glass panel you need to install the weatherstripping. This stripping will keep the rain and most of the wind out from under your door. It usually installs with some adhesive, but there are some doors that have small screws that attach the weatherstrip to the bottom of the door. 

Step 2: Place Panel in Doorway, Attach Hinge

Once the weatherstripping is secure, set the bottom panel of the glass garage door in the opening. It should be right against the frame and overhang it by 2 inches on each side. Place the hinge on each side of the glass panel. 

Step 3: Assemble Railing

While the panel is resting against the garage door frame, you can take the time to assemble the vertical rail as well as the top railing. Read the assembly instructions very carefully to make sure you get it secure without any problems. 

Step 4: Set Up Rail, Attach Door Rollers

With the railing ready, attach the door rollers onto the hinge on one side of the door panel. Attach a lower rail bracket and slide the vertical rail down over the roller. Repeat the process on the other side. 

Step 5: Install Glass Door Panels

After the vertical railing is standing upright, you will need to have a friend help you with the rest of the installation. Place the hinges on another glass panel and install the rollers on them. Lift the door up and slide the rollers into the channel of the railing. Slide it down until it rests on the panel underneath. Attach the hinge together so that the two panels are connected.

Step 6: Continue Installing Panels

Copying the previous step, continue installing each subsequent panel until you have reached the top of the glass garage door. 

Step 7: Install Jamb Brackets

Once all of the doors are installed, secure the vertical rail with the jamb brackets. Repeat this process on each side. 

Step 8: Install Curve and Top Railing

You will need to set the curved part of the rail on top of the vertical rail. Secure with the bolts that are included with the glass garage door kit. Set the top railing inside the curve and let it hang there. Position the roof hangers in line with the top rail and attach with the bolts included. Secure the top rail to the roof hangers for a sturdy railing. 

Step 9: Install Torque Bar

A glass garage door opens with the use of a torque bar that goes across the top of the door. Use the brackets that are installed on the curved portion of the rail. Attach the bar to each side and each spring to the door. As it slides open the bar will take most of the torque to make it much easier to lift.