How to Install a Greenhouse Misting System

What You'll Need
Drill with steel bit
Misting system
Wrench (adjustable)
Steel wires

The greenhouse misting system is a great way to keep your plants in a humid environment. It is also a great way to gently water your plants. Knowing how to install a greenhouse misting system will allow you to have wonderful plants without the expense of a professional install.

Step 1: Buy a Misting System

Most garden stores and home improvement stores will sell a misting system you can install yourself. This will come with the hardware you will need to affix it to your greenhouse walls. Make sure you are buying one which will run the length of your green house. Depending on the width of your greenhouse, you may need more than one greenhouse misting line. This will ensure every plant gets a good amount of water. A good rule of thumb is one line per 6 feet. So, measure the width of your greenhouse and divide by 6 and you will know how many lines you need to run.

Step 2: Run Wires

You need for the misting system to be able to hang down so it is no more than a few feet from the plants. A good measure will put the misting system at 3 to 4 feet from the plants. To accomplish this you will need to install steel wires to hang the misting system. Drill holes in two greenhouse supports every 5 feet of length for the misting system. This will allow you to install two wires which will converge on the center point. Where the wires meet should be the height you want your misting system to be. Cut the wires accordingly.

Step 3: Hook Up the Water Supply

To make sure your greenhouse irrigation system gets the water it needs, hook up the water supply before hanging the misting system. You can detach it while installing, but make sure you have enough hose to get to the system. If you have multiple systems, install a splitter to the hose and run separate lines to each system.

Step 4: Hang the Irrigation System

The last step to the install is to hang the irrigation system. Most systems will come with hooks to attach the wires to. If your system does not, simply wrap the wires around the pipe once and twist tie the wires together. The nozzles should be facing down towards your plants. If you detached the water supply, now is a good time to reattach it. Make sure to give the system a test run to make sure it works correctly. Scan the system for any clogged or misdirected nozzles. Make any adjustments that need to be made once you have turned the system off again.