How to Install a Hinge Pin Door Stop

What You'll Need
Hinge Pin Door Stop
Flat Head Screw Driver

A hinge pin door stop is very simple to install and take minutes from start to finish. Just make sure that you have the correct hinge pin for your requirements and follow any directions that appear on the packaging.

Step 1 – Remove the top Hinge

The hinge pin door stop will need to be installed into the top hinge on your door, so use a flat head screw driver to pry out the old hinge and remove it from the door. You may need to support the door, with one hinge missing, so keep it steady while you work.

Step 2 – The Hinge Pin Door Stop

The hinge pin door stop will be an alternative pin which will install in place of the original pin and have the door stop attached to it. Place the door stop pin into the pin slot on the hinge and situate the hinge pin with a gently hammer action, tapping lightly.

Step 3 – Adjustments

The hinge pin door stop will have an adjustable threaded screw that you can turn to widen or narrow the gap you wish to set. The padded door bumpers will prevent damage to the door when the stop is used.